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320 Series

320 Inboard

Inboard diesel power – Charter captains and everyone who values a fuel efficient, reliable fishing boat loves the 320 Inboard. Inboard power offers maximum range, 360° fishability, and a low cost of ownership. The classic SeaVee configuration consists of a single diesel engine located under the console and an open bow with lots of space to fight angry fish.

Engine choices are broad starting with a 380 hp diesel for maximum efficiency, all the way up to a 550 hp diesel for those who crave more power. Cruising speeds range from the low to high 30’s – depending on the engine configuration. For additional top speed, range, and an improved ride, the 320 is available with an optional propeller pocket. This feature minimizes draft by an astonishing 14 inches and due to the reduced shaft angle, the boat gets up on plane faster. In turn, that keeps the bow down to cut through the rough stuff with ease, making the 320 Inboard a superior offshore performer that stands alone in its class.