SeaVee Boats, Lead the way

340 Series


If you want a long range, low maintenance boat with more fish fighting space than even the largest convertibles, the 340 Inboard Open fits the bill. For the long haul, inboard diesel power is tough to beat. The low, midship placement of the engine creates a lower center of gravity, enhancing stability at rest and making for an easy motion underway.

Hardcore fisherman appreciate the inboard diesel configuration for its 360 degrees of unobstructed fish fighting space. With no outboards to worry about and the necessary range to reach distant fishing spots, the 340 inboard is unmatched by anything the competition has to offer.

Depending on the engine configuration, range approaches 500 miles, meaning quite some time will pass between trips to the fuel dock. Service is easy, thanks to a forward hatch and a hinged console. An orderly engine compartment houses components that are labeled and within reach.

SeaVee places a single diesel engine under the console mated to traditional running gear. An optional bow thruster is available and makes docking with a single screw a bit easier, especially when dealing with wind or current. For added performance and shallower draft, SeaVee also offers a propeller pocket enhancing the running angle as well as overall efficiency.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate power plant, there are a wide range of modern diesels to choose from. For maximum efficiency, many charter operations go with the Yanmar 380hp. Whereas those seeking maximum performance and torque opt for the Cummins 550hp motor. Naturally, SeaVee also offers choices in the 400-500hp range ensuring you can outfit your new boat to match your exact needs. Add it all up and it’s easy to see why both professional charter captains and obsessed anglers love the 340 Inboard.