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340 Series

For Those About to Lounge

Some people fish a lot. Others just fish occasionally and enjoy spending more time onboard with friends and family to relax, swim and anchor up at the local sandbar. If you’re in the in the latter group, the 340 Luxury Edition (LE) is worth a closer look.

SeaVee is known for innovation. And while forward seating may not seem like a revolutionary idea, the 340 LE offers many advantages over other center console fishing boats with seats located up front.

Most manufacturers just add a bench on either side of the bow and use the existing gunwale and bolsters as the backrest. SeaVee on the other hand, completely redesigned the 340’s bow to create the LE version. Right away, you’ll notice a wide and spacious bow lounging area. That’s because SeaVee modified the 340’s cap and gunwales specifically for the LE, moving them outward to create significantly more space.

Next, SeaVee added two lounge seats with electronically adjustable backrests molded into the bow to port and starboard. This feature allows your guests to lay flat and soak up the sun, or sit more upright with a clear view of their surroundings. You also have the option to create a full sun pad up front, without the need to bring extra cushions or inserts. At the touch of a button, the center seat slides out to fill the space between the two lounge seats. Now lower the backrests and the entire bow transforms into one large, flat area perfect for working on your tan.

Time for lunch? Simply slide the center seat back into place and insert the removable table. Now you’re ready to enjoy your meal sitting upright around a real table with plenty of space for 5 or even 6 people. There’s also tons of storage available under the seats, and in the bow garage located behind the center seat backrest.

Put it all together, and the 340 LE offers superior ergonomics and design features simply not available from other boat manufacturers. We invite you to check it out for yourself – just call for a sea trial or come take a tour of our factory if you’d like to take a closer look.