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340 Series

Big and Fast with Shallow Draft!

Today’s powerful four-stroke outboards ensure that the 340 Series performs equally well with twin or triple engines. For a twin-engine configuration, SeaVee recommends Mercury 300’s or Yamaha 350 hp V8’s. Two motors are more than adequate for this hull, yielding a top speed of somewhere between 50 mph and 55 mph – depending on your boat layout and engine choice.

For those seeking a higher level of performance, triple Mercury 250’s or even 300’s are a good way to go. For those that want maximum performance, triple Yamaha 350’s are also available. Expect a top speed of 60 mph to 75 mph (depending on engine selection) with only a modest increase in fuel costs. Three engines typically run at lower RPM’s and therefore don’t use meaningfully more fuel than twin engines.

Given an overall length of 35 feet, the 340 Outboard can access some pretty shallow water. With the motors trimmed up she only draws 24”, and even less when on plane at speed. That means the 340 Outboard can access the backcountry channels in the Florida Keys as well as shallow banks and flats in the Bahamas.

It is this mix of performance and shallow draft that also make the 340 Outboard a perfect tender to larger yachts and expedition style cruisers. With a go anywhere, fish anytime attitude, it’s easy to see why the 340 Outboard is in a class by itself.