SeaVee Boats, Lead the way

390 Series

The First IPS® Center Console

Have you ever dreamt of an offshore fishing boat that combines the best attributes of a big sport fisherman with those of a center console? The 390 IPS does just that, giving birth to an entirely new species. It represents the first IPS powered center console ever built; the fastest IPS boat in history and the most efficient SeaVee in the entire fleet.

When it comes to handling, the 390 IPS sets new benchmarks. In Sportfish mode, the boat will spin 360° in its own length, back down on a fish with surprising speed or move sideways to help the mate grab hold of the leader in a hurry. Using the joystick, an inexperienced boater can literally “park” the boat moving parallel to the dock – even with wind and current in play. There’s no smoke or diesel smell due to underwater exhausts, and vibration is practically non-existent thanks to two large rubber dampeners between the pods and the hull.

The 390 IPS is outfitted with two Volvo IPS® 600 engines. Each one puts out 435 hp, yet due to the increased efficiency of IPS is comparable to 600 hp in a traditional inboard configuration. Top speed is over 50 mph with cruising speeds in the mid to high 40 mph range, and fuel efficiency is downright unbelievable. The 390 IPS is capable of an amazing 1.9 mpg, which produces a range of over 600 miles with the 380-gallon tanks filled to capacity. The 390 IPS – a dream turned into reality.