SeaVee Boats, Lead the way

390 Series


Performance. That’s what the 390 Outboard is all about. This boat simply flies on the water and has the necessary size to bridge the gaps from wave to wave in just about any sea conditions. The 390 Outboard’s smooth ride in heavy seas is further enhanced by a sharp degree of entry and 22.5° of transom deadrise. If conditions dictate you slow down, you’ll be happy to know that the 390 Outboard can stay on plane at a mere 16 mph, thanks to an 11 foot beam and advanced monohull design.

The 390 Outboard is available with twin, triple, or quad outboards. Easily capable of speeds in the 50 - 70 mph range with V8 twins or triples (depending on hp), the 390 Outboard is fast and efficient. She can reach distant fishing spots effortlessly as a result of four fuel tanks capable of holding a combined 570 gallons and a range of over 600 miles. For hardcore tournament anglers or those in a hurry to get where they’re going, the 390 is rated to handle up to 1,400 hp and four outboards. Not for the faint of heart, the 390 Quad Outboard brings on ear-to-ear grins; but our advice – hold on to your hats!

An array of hideaway seats are located throughout the boat. Two fully retractable seats in the bow, along with two additional jump seats in the stern. These seats stow completely out of sight and are 100% flush with the gunwale when not in use.

For a boat almost 40 feet long, the 390 Outboard can access some pretty skinny water. With the motors trimmed up she only draws 26”, and even less when on plane at speed. That means you can take the 390 into areas shallow channels, banks and other spots that you’d have to think twice about with other boats. It’s easy to see why the 390 Outboard leads the way and never looks back - nobody else can keep pace.