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430 Series

A Dream Becomes Reality

Offshore fisherman the world over have dreamed about this boat for decades. Yet no boat manufacturer has delivered. Too small a vessel for the big boat builders, and too ambitious a project for center console manufacturers, this challenging design has simply never been attempted. Until now.

SeaVee Boats introduces the 430 Fish-Around, a revolutionary platform with fishing features you’ve never seen in a production boat of any kind. The 430 Fish-Around is an ideal blend between a center console fishing boat and an express style sport fisherman.

Fishing Features

The first thing you notice is the 360 degree walk-around design featuring a level deck without any steps from bow to stern. The entire 43’ of the boat’s overall length is safely accessible to anglers in any sea conditions. There’s no need to climb onto a narrow walkway and negotiate a pitching foredeck. Just walk to the bow with thigh-high gunwales supporting you the entire way. Once up front, you’ll find a raised, 40 gallon integrated bait well eliminating the need for frequent trips to the stern. There are also four enclosed storage compartments under the gunwales, as well as a fish box below deck. Rod holders and electric reel outlets can be configured to suit your style of fishing. . All of this means anglers can spend extended periods of time fishing from the bow with all the essentials nearby.

Towards the stern you’ll find an array of rod holders integrated on either side of the bridge deck providing instant access to 9 outfits on both sides. Inspired by the design of our ergonomic center consoles, you can store up to 18 rigged rods out of the way, yet within easy reach. If even more storage space is required, the hardtop mounted rocket launcher and tower spans can hold another 8-12 rods.

In the fishing cockpit, everything is where it should be. A large tackle station is located on the port side of the cockpit. Open the lid and you’ll find a rigging station with tackle drawers located below. The starboard side features a well insulated drink cooler. Available cushions transform these pods on either side of the cockpit into rear facing mezzanine seating to keep an eye on the spread. . For those planning extended offshore excursions, a refrigerator, freezer and ice-maker are available, along with a water maker and generator below deck.

To make the cockpit as large and functional as possible, the layout is adapted to the inboard and outboard models. On the outboard 430, SeaVee placed 40 gallon bait wells on both sides of the transom. As a result, anglers working opposite sides of the cockpit have access to bait, without leaving their posts. For tournament anglers, a third bait well can be located in the floor. The inboard model features a larger cockpit ideally suited for a centrally mounted rocket launcher or fighting chair, and therefore has a single 65 gallon bait well in the center of the transom, along with an available in-floor bait well.

The 430 Fish-Around is offered with a variety of towers to suit every customer’s unique demands. From wa half tower, all the way to a gap style tuna tower, SeaVee works with you to configure the appropriate solution for your specific needs.

For safe and effortless access to the water, an optional hull side door is available on the port side. Great for divers, as well as boating fish without a gaff. And for those who spend more time in the water than on it, the 430 FA Outboard can even be fitted with a tank fill station or third lung system.

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