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Put simply, the SeaVee 340Z is a dream machine! Available with twin or triple outboards ranging from 600 – 1,050hp the 340Z screams performance. Thanks to SeaVee’s revolutionary new twin stepped hull the 340Z boasts superior speed, handling, ride quality and fuel efficiency. Add to that plenty of deck space for the whole crew and almost limitless storage capacity. It’s obvious why this is the ideal fishing or cruising boat for long weekends on the water.

Z Means Performance

SeaVee’s new twin stepped, cross-ventilated hull with patented SpeedRail® Technology features multiple lifting bodies with unique geometry for a fixed trim angle throughout a wide range of speeds. That means you always have a clear view of the horizon, maximum fuel efficiency, more speed and safe predicable handling when making hard turns.

The 340Z makes the most of this hull design. Capable of planing at only 16 mph the 340Z handles rough seas with ease. Turns are sharp, crisp and stable. A newly designed larger bow with reverse chines redirect spray downwards for a dry ride. Experience the 340Z for yourself. Inquire about a sea trial today.

  • Running Facts

  • 23.5° Deadrise.
  • Plane at 16mph
  • 10′ beam
  • Legendary Dry Ride
  • 20″ draft

The Power of Choice

When you’re building a SeaVee, the brand of motors you choose to hang is up to you. For the 340Z, two motors are adequate, yielding a top speed somewhere between 50 – 55 mph depending on boat layout and engine choice. For those seeking a higher level of performance, triple 300 or 350 hp motors are a good option. Expect a top speed between 65 – 70 mph with only a modest increase in fuel costs. That’s because three engines run at lower RPM’s and therefore don’t use meaningfully more fuel than twins at comparable speeds.

Power Options
  • Twin 300hp – Top Speed 50mph, Range 400 nm
  • Twin 350hp – Top Speed 55mph Range 360 nm
  • Triple 300hp – Top Speed 66mph, Range 350 nm
  • Triple 350hp – Top Speed 70mph, Range 330 nm
  • Max Power 1,350hp
  • Top speed and range may vary significantly depending on sea conditions and load

Fishing Machine

Nothing fishes just like the 340Z. For starters, you’ll be the first to arrive at the spot. Thanks to an abundance of in-deck storage lockers, fish boxes and rod lockers, as well as more space inside of the console, you can bring all the gear and ice you need. The 340 can carry up to 42 fishing rods neatly tucked away under the deck, on the sides of the console, in the t-top and on the back of the leaning post.

A 65 gallon bait well is integrated into the transom with an optional adjacent 30 gallon well available. A third well can be added in the front cockpit sole for maximum capacity. A fiberglass cooler slides out from below the tackle station leaning post on stainless tracks to create a rear-facing seat to make keeping an eye on the spread more comfortable.

Additional fishing features include a variety of towers and upper stations choices to help the captain spot fish at a distance. A Coffin box for the front cockpit as well as electric reel outlets and a variety of outrigger configurations complete the package.



Towers allow the captain to spot fish at a distance. SeaVee offers a wide variety of choices.

Fish Boxes & Storage

Choose how to configure insulated fish boxes, in-deck storage compartments and in-floor bait wells.

Rod Storage

Carry up to 42 rods neatly tucked out away, yet ready for action.

Bait Wells

The 340 can accommodate up to 4 bait wells, two in the transom, and two in-floor wells (One Front, One Rear).

Leaning Post

Choose from a variety of leaning post designs, including the all fiberglass Captain’s Edition.

A Modern Day Console

The 340Z features a dedicated console designed to maximize deck space, while providing plenty of room on the inside. The console’s ergonomic design accommodates two 16″ navigation units side by side with room to spare for a VHF, head unit and key switches. A splash cover protects vital electronics. And an array of switches that controls onboard accessories is within easy reach.

The console door is located on the front, allowing the sides of the console to be used for out-of-the-way rod storage. The interior houses battery switches, a breaker panel, a sink, access to electronics and batteries, and it can be outfitted with an optional marine head.

Build it Your Way

The 340Z can be customized to fit your fishing and boating lifestyle to a tee. For fishing enthusiasts SeaVee offers a variety of towers, live wells and rod holder configurations. Families seeking extra comfort may find removable forward and rear seats along with toilet and shower facilities appealing. If you are interested in a sun pad or molded-in seating, take a look at the options available with the Luxury Edition (LE).

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