SeaVee Boats, Lead the way

SeaVee Advantages

Catch More Fish!

Rod Holders

Fishability doesn’t happen by accident – it is the result of clever deck layout and smart design. For example; every SeaVee is available with an abundance of rod holders along both sides of the console and the top of the leaning post. You can keep up to 19 rods within easy reach, rigged and ready yet out of the way until you need them. When opportunity knocks, this setup allows you to pitch the right lure or bait in the water instantly from anywhere onboard, without stretching to reach the rocket launcher and missing the opportunity.

SeaVee let’s you designate the location for each and every rod holder onboard. Cluster several of them together for kite fishing, or spread them out to drift a multi-line spread beam to the seas. SeaVee even offers specialized units such as swiveling rod holders designed to accommodate the large electric reels required for deep dropping or day-time swordfishing.

Bait Wells

Every SeaVee is available with two and even three bait wells, allowing you carry an abundance of live bait, or separate your bait by species. Every well is lit for nighttime use and circulates enough water to keep your baits frisky all day.

A sea chest is available for hardcore anglers that accommodates multiple pumps for each well and ensures your pumps are primed with seawater every time they start up, significantly extending their life expectancy and reliability.

Fish Boxes

Larger SeaVee models are available with up to three fish boxes. The 340 and 390 Series feature multiple access hatches to the same box, eliminating the need to "clear the deck" before opening a single large lid.