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Sea Vee Z

Introducing the SeaVee Z

2014 NMMA Innovation Awards Winner

SeaVee Boats introduces the SeaVee Z high performance model line. Offered exclusively in outboard configurations, Z models are available for the 320, 340 and 390 Series.

The SeaVee Z features an innovative stepped hull that recalibrates the industry standard for performance, efficiency and handling. Born from offshore racing technology, the SeaVee Z stepped hull has been perfected over several years through intensive computer aided design work and real-world testing.

All of the Good. None of the Bad.

Everyone agrees stepped hull boats are faster and more fuel-efficient than comparable standard deep V hulls. Yet there’s often a cost for that extra speed and efficiency. Many stepped hulls require more speed to stay on plane. That’s bad when the weather gets rough and you need to slow down. Others have issues when air under the running surface interferes with the transducer or the bait well pickups. And some stepped hulls even have a tendency to hook or spin out during tight turns, in some cases ejecting passengers.

None of these trade-offs are desirable in a fishing boat or a family cruiser. As a result, SeaVee took on the challenge of developing a revolutionary new hull design that solves these well-documented problems.

Getting it Right

SeaVee wasn’t the first boat builder to introduce a stepped hull. However, we were the first to perfect it. Sometimes being quick to adopt new technology isn’t as important as ensuring the benefits outweigh the trade-offs.

While the engineers and designers at SeaVee believe they’ve truly innovated and moved the needle with the SeaVee Z’s innovative stepped hull, our original, prismatic hulls will continue to be available for outboard, as well as inboard configurations to satisfy the diverse needs of all our customers.

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