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Sea Vee Z

Fishing First

At its core, a SeaVee is an offshore fishing boat. That’s not lost on the SeaVee Z. While for some a bait well pump that sucks a little air instead of water, or a transducer that is unable to mark bottom at speed may not be a deal-breaker, at SeaVee these are not acceptable trade-offs in exchange for more speed or fuel efficiency.

That’s why the SeaVee Z features a keel pad specifically designed to ensure the modern, high performance echo sounders our customers install in their tournament fishing machines get a clean signal from the transducer at almost any speed and in all but the roughest sea conditions.

Further, we invite you to consider that getting to the fishing spot first is of little value if your bait dies on the way there. To prevent the very air the SeaVee Z stepped hull needs to deliver its performance enhancements from interfering with the bait well pickups, SeaVee designed the keel pad on the Z to funnel water directly to the area where it is most needed, and solved another source of frustration for live bait fisherman.

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