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Sea Vee Z

Revolutionary Technology

Mash the throttles on the SeaVee Z and right away you’ll notice that bow lift during acceleration is almost non-existent.  The Z glides up onto plane using its multiple lifting bodies resulting in a fixed trim angle at any speed. The bow never rises or dips as you keep accelerating.

The SeaVee Z’s highly ventilated stepped hull also produces greater fuel efficiency and a higher top speed. Using a four-port air induction system with a central air reservoir, the SeaVee Z’s hull design ensures the air cavity needed to reduce drag remains constant regardless of sea conditions or hard maneuvering.

The handling characteristics of the SeaVee Z are no less amazing. An array of speed rails has been integrated to improve directional stability at any speed. The speed rails produce the appropriate counterforce to hard maneuvering that could cause a conventional stepped hull to hook, or otherwise lose control.

Further improving performance is a new cored hull design which reduces weight, yet offers incredible strength and durability, further contributing to higher top speeds and fuel efficiency.

Z Specifications

  • 320-Z

  • LOA – 32’5”
  • Beam – 9’4”
  • Dry Weight w/o Motors –6,820 lbs.
  • Hull Draft – 20”
  • Hull Deadrise – 25°
  • Fuel Capacity – 312 gal.
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 46 gal.
  • 340-Z

  • LOA – 34’9”
  • Beam – 10’
  • Dry Weight w/o Motors – 7,950 lbs.
  • Hull Draft – 20”
  • Hull Deadrise – 23.5°
  • Fuel Capacity – 330 gal.
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 46 gal.
  • 390-Z

  • LOA – 39’
  • Beam – 11’
  • Dry Weight w/o Motors – 9,670 lbs.
  • Hull Draft – 26”
  • Hull Deadrise – 22.5°
  • Fuel Capacity – 668 gal.
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 60 gal.

Specifications and features are subject to change.

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320-z deck chart 320-z deck chart 390-z deck chart