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Designed to Multi-task

Today’s yachts are getting bigger and bigger. As they do, the wish list that crews and owners have for their tenders continues to grow as well. These days, a tender is not simply tasked with shuttling passengers to and from shore. Instead, it’s expected to provide the entertainment for all onboard serving as a dive boat, fishing boat, sand bar shuttle, and on occasion, tow boat for wakeboarding and waterskiing. Some crews even expect their tender to do all of this running on diesel, rather than gas.

SeaVee knows that the ultimate tender has to be able to do all of the above – yet still be able to specialize in just one task. That’s why the extent to which our boats can be customized is perfectly suited for charters and privately owned yachts.

A perfect example is the new trend of expedition style yachts that are becoming more and more popular. These boats are routinely outfitted with a gantry crane, and carry their tenders onboard – rather than tow them behind. As a result, SeaVee has developed a perfectly balanced spread of strategically placed anchor points that make hoisting quick, safe and easy. Just clip in and before you know it your SeaVee tender is safely on deck or back in the water – without drama or fuss.

Many other crews have no choice but to tow – as their yachts just don’t have enough space onboard for a 30’ plus tender. For this application, SeaVee has developed a specialized towing plate that distributes the tremendous pulling force evenly across a wider area of the bow. This custom hardware consists of two separate stainless steel plates that are through-bolted together – one on the inside, the other on the outside of the hull, providing a safe and secure anchor point to attach the tow line.

Fitted to Your Lifestyle

A lot of boaters and captains are most impressed by the vast array of customization choices that are available. SeaVee offers a variety of power options including outboards, traditional inboard diesels, and Volvo’s IPS. This level of flexibility means that those who venture far from port can choose to outfit their tender with diesel power, making it possible to refuel directly from the mother ship's main fuel tanks.

For passionate divers, SeaVee offers the option to incorporate a third lung directly into the boat. An electrical compressor and hose system is installed in the transom and can run for over 2 hours powered by the onboard battery system.

Other innovative options include removable bow and stern seats. This setup is perfect for crews who need extra seating space to shuttle passengers to and from the beach, but also like to use their tenders for fishing. SeaVee also offers custom tops that can be folded down, or are completely removable. And their engineering team is routinely asked to accommodate custom requests by owners and captains to meet unique requirements. From electronics and engines to bait wells, t-tops and full towers, every tender is built to the exact specifications requested by its owner.

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