The Unfair Advantage

The advantages of owning a SeaVee are many. There are lots of choices out there, so its important to look around and compare. When you do, we think you’ll appreciate the time SeaVee has invested into product design, craftsmanship, innovation and quality control. Here are some of the reasons we think SeaVee Boats should be at the top of your list.


When it comes to new ideas and improving performance, SeaVee Boats has been leading the way for decades. In the 1970’s SeaVee began placing motors below the center console giving birth to the first open fishing boats with inboard power increasing range and offering a more stable ride. Since then, SeaVee has designed boats with jet propulsion, anti-roll gyro stabilization, and conventional inboard diesel power as well as modern IPS® pod drives.

More recent innovations include the SeaVee Z patented, cross ventilated, twin-stepped, cored hull with SpeedRail® technology. Featuring multiple lifting bodies designed to produce a fixed running trim angle at any speed in a variety of conditions, the SeaVee Z practically eliminates bow rise and gives you a clear view of the horizon at all times. The Speedrails provide lateral stability during hard maneuvering at speed to ensure the boat tracks trough turns without hooking or slipping.

SeaVee has always been pushing the envelope and inventing new technology, as well as methodologies for how to do things in new and more effective ways. SeaVee Boats – Lead the Way.

Cost of Ownership

Few boats hold their value like a SeaVee. There are many reasons for that, however two of the most important aspects that affect resale value are initial build quality and the availability of reliable factory service. When you buy a SeaVee, you get the highest quality product backed by the best service team in the business! That equals hassle-free time on the water and high demand in the secondary market.

Every new SeaVee is sold factory direct. That means a lower initial purchase price compared to many competitors selling through a dealer network. Add to that minimal depreciation and maintenance costs, and we think you’ll agree that owning a SeaVee is more economical, rewarding and fun. Join the family and get more for less.

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