A New Era in Boating

Originally founded in 1974 by Miami native Captain Don McGee, SeaVee Boats was born from the demand for a boat capable of withstanding the most rigorous fishing experience. SeaVee’s unique, high quality boats quickly developed a devoted customer base. By selling directly to customers and cutting out the middleman, the captain was able to also offer his outstanding boats at lower prices than competitors.

Ariel Pared discovered SeaVee in 1993 when he ordered his first boat from the company. Captain Don quickly sparked his interest and imagination as he included Ariel in the creation process of his boat; allowing for multiple opportunities to customize certain aspects of the boat. Ariel felt much more personally connected to and proud of his new boat than if he had simply picked it out of a catalogue with no input in the final product. He was sold, not just on the boat but also on the company culture and its unique customer experience.

SeaVee Boats is Reborn

Moises Rodriguez, Ralph Torres and Ariel Pared purchased SeaVee Boats, thus beginning a new chapter in their lives and giving birth to a new lifestyle. The three new business partners loved the durability and dependability of the boats and the company’s devotion to its customers.

However, they wished to build upon SeaVee’s already strong foundation as a fishing boat design and manufacturing company. So they set out to foster a more inclusive community of not only fishing enthusiasts, but also friends and family who are boating and ocean aficionados. Nothing feels quite as liberating as cruising along the open water: ocean mist mingling with warm sunrays against windswept hair.

And so they expanded the company’s product line. Customers can now choose to customize their new boat with luxury features and stepped hulls to further enrich their experiences at sea.

SeaVee Boats isn’t simply a fishing boat manufacturer. These boats connect customers to nature, provide escapes from the daily grind, and help forge memories that last a lifetime! When you buy a SeaVee, you join a fun-loving, sea-going family who’s primary mission is to make the most of every day spent on the water.

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